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Kimo Keawe, HCIL Directory

M.J. (Kimo) Keawe - COO & Executive Director

The Hawaii Centers for Independent Living (HCIL), serves and empowers people of any age with any type of disability to live independently.

To accomplish this, HCIL actively seeks system changes, promotes self-advocacy and continues to provide statewide resources for:

·       Peer Counseling
·       Outreach and Public Education
·       Independent Living Skills
·       Housing Assistance and Referrals
·       Entitlements
·       Advocacy
·       Deaf and Blind Services
·       Referral and Information and
·       Personal Assistant Services

HCIL is a non-profit organization operated by and for people with disabilities to ensure their rights to live independently and fully integrated into the community of their choice, outside of institutional care settings. The Center was incorporated on June 15, 1981 on the historical constitutional beliefs of civil rights and the empowerment of people with disabilities to have equal access, opportunities and creating choices in life, regardless of the severity of their disability

HCIL has offices in: Honolulu (Administrative Offices), Hau’ula (North Shore Outreach), Hilo, Maui, Moloka’i and Kaua’i. HCIL also oversees the office in Guam

Feel free to contact us at: (808) 522-5400 or email at info@pacificil.org

Hawaii Centers for Independent Living
200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Bldg A #501
Honolulu, HI  96817-3950