HCIL Services

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HCIL is here to give you support and opportunities in not only daily life, but also in your job and career. Our services include:

  • Peer Counseling – Talk to peer counselors who can guide you in dealing with the struggles you face every day. They’ll be your trusted advisor, mentor & sounding board. They’ll help you learn what steps you can take today to move forward and deal with your challenges.
  • Job Services – We can help you put together your resume and prepare you for the job search and job interview process.
  • Job & Career Training – HCIL not only holds training and seminars specifically for people with disabilities, we can also guide you to other job training opportunities in Hawaii. Click here to see upcoming HCIL job training events.
  • Life Skills Assistance & Training – Living independently also means understanding and handling your household budget, actively dealing with your medications & health care and even your access & use of public transportation. We’re here to counsel and train you. Click here to see upcoming Life Skills training events.
  • Advocacy – HCIL stand by your side to help you in finding, applying & qualifying for services and aid. From understanding the application forms to appealing decisions, we will be there to help and advise you.